Mike Stenhouse- Guitarist/Singer

“A Rockin’ Good Time” is how Mike Stenhouse describes his entertainment.

For  over 20  years, Stenhouse has been performing in Western Canada at pubs, parties, special events,  casinos,anniversaries and weddings. The following(By request..) is a list of the sort of music you’re likely to hear..Band List.   Whether it’s 50’s rock,60’s psychedelic,70’s pop or 80’s-With a dose of Blues and some fun Country, Jurassic Mike encourages his audience to sing along (or at least have some fun).

(Classic rock was referred to me by a listener who said “You play JURASSIC ROCK? ” That cracked me up, but also reminded me of how influential that music is/was to my youth..the die was cast- Long live jurassic rock !)

The Classic Rock era (Mid 60’s into the early 80’s or so..) was an amazing time for ‘Pop’ music.  The British Invasion-Motown was in full swing- the west coast exploded with new artists, and Rock and Roll saw daily innovations in sound and experimentation. What a thrill to play and sing some of those “Memory Songs”.. you know- the ones that bring you RIGHT back to where you were when the song hit the Radio..what a great way to pay tribute to legendary musicians.  *Also on the regular list is fun older Country, and Blues. All gigs are custom tailored to your needs or special theme whenever possible.*

 Now Booking up for 2016.  Remember to book as early as you can to avoid disappointment.  I will travel from the West coast to all of Alberta. 

Thanks to all for supporting classic oldies..Cheers !

For bookings and inquiries, contact Mike Stenhouse: (Some bookings may require extensive travel, and a small fuel cost may be necessary.)

*E-mail: jurassicmike@yahoo.com     phone: 1-250-402-8353                                                      *Follow And Like Me On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jurassicmike
*Find me on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/user/jurassicmike1
*Check out “Margaritaville” Live at St.Eugene Resort casino here         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjsWxE376As&sns=em

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